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Colorado prescribers: The following information is provided by Antares Pharma, Inc., as required by Colorado House Bill 19-1131.

Pricing information below reflects Antares Pharma’s Wholesale Acquisition Costs (“WAC”) for NOCDURNA. The WAC represents published catalogue or list price and may not represent actual transactional prices.

Price customer pays may vary from the prices listed. Cost of prescription depends on the discount applied, price variations from wholesaler/distributor, or other applicable charges.

NOCDURNA WAC Price = $496.60

The list below provides the names of generic prescription drugs in the same Therapeutic Class as NOCDURNA. Please note that the drugs listed are not necessarily the generic form of NOCDURNA. Rather, these drugs could be the generic form of a non-Antares Pharma drug in the same Therapeutic Class.

This list does not imply that the products listed below are interchangeable or have the same efficacy or safety. Please refer to each product’s FDA-approved label and indication for further information.

Generics from the same Theraputic Class:

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NOCDURNA is available by prescription only through most retail pharmacies and mail order. Your patients insurance plan may require that they use a specific pharmacy.

*For Eligible Patients With Commercial Insurance Only. Restrictions Apply.