When frequent nighttime urinating is turning your bathroom into the bedroom, you can have: FEWER Ps DURING Zs*

Introducing NOCDURNA®

(desmopressin acetate) Sublingual Tablets

The first and only sublingual tablet for the treatment of nocturia due to nocturnal polyuria (NP) in adults who wake up at least 2 times per night to urinate.

Ask your doctor about the MELT.


  1. Clinical trials demonstrated a reduction of 1.5 nocturnal voids in women (n=118) and 1.3 nocturnal voids in men (n=102) relative to mean baseline. The mean baseline was 2.9 for women and 3.0 for men.) 78% of women and 67% of men achieved a 33% reduction in mean number of nocturnal voids over a 3-month period compared to baseline.